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Terms of Use

Japan Leasing Association (JLA) is in charge of this site (http://www.leasing.or.jp/). Please read the Privacy Policy in advance.


The JLA has reserved all the rights related to the documents, pictures and information posted on this site. You cannot use, reprint or copy them without obtaining the JLA's permission in advance.
You can use any data included in "Statistics & Surveys" without the JLA's permission. However, you should clarify that the data is published by the JLA.


 Please present it as the Japan Leasing Association if you link to this site, and the URL is < http://www.leasing.or.jp/>.
The JLA will strictly refuse that the JLA's site is linked to the other site that includes

  1. Illegal contents.
  2. Contents that lose the JLA's confidence.
  3. Contents implying that there is a special relationship with the JLA
  4. Indications as if the JLA's works were attributive to the others which link to the JLA's site.
  5. Fact that linking to the JLA's site itself is for the purpose of commerce.
  6. Other contents similar to 1 to 5 above.

 JLA will not take any responsibility that arises from using the other linked sites on this site.