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Privacy Policy

Japan Leasing Association (JLA) has set down a privacy policy on protection of personal information, taking into account the importance of personal information.

  • Acquisition & Utilization of Personal Information
    JLA will properly acquire any personal information and utilize it only for the purpose for which JLA acquires the personal information.
  • Legal Compliance
    JLA will comply with laws that are applied in terms of protection of personal information.
  • Security
    JLA will try to safely administer any personal information by keeping the information correct and preventing any information from being leaked, being improperly accessed or being damaged.
  • Respect of Right on Personal Information
    JLA will immediately try to cope with personal information-related requirements if a person, who is the interested party of that information, requests JLA to disclose, revise, delete or stop using that person's information acquired by JLA. JLA will try to do this as much as reasonably.
  • Regulation for Personal Information-Protection
    JLA will set down a regulation for personal information-protection and will make the staff comply with the regulation. JLA will also keep in improving the regulation.

May 22, 2012
Japan Leasing Association